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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


If you do some searching on this topic, you will find some fun ideas for all sorts of party favors; baby showers, wedding showers, kids' parties, etc.  I went another direction on this one and made some labels for my daughter's photography business.    It was fun actually.....I made a prototype or two as a starting point and then we collaborated on the final design...could we change the font?, how about if we move that down?, is black too bold?   All good questions, and All necessary discussions to land on the final look.   Being a professional patternmaker and seamstress, I'm all about prototypes.
I used my silhouette cameo to develop the final product; I chose a couple of the pre-made designs from the online store (the heart design and fillagree), but more importantly, I knew it would be a real timesaver when it came to cutting the labels.   Because the label is only 1 3/8 x 3 3/4 it was important to see it printed along the way....looking at a "zoomed in" version of it while working on the computer, was really deceiving.  So tweak and print was definitely a part of the process.
There is a super cool feature in the silhouette software which allows you to duplicate the final design to make a page full in the click of a button!  So once we arrived on the final template, I clicked and the entire page was filled with labels ready to printed.

From there it was just a matter of buying some adhesive paper and feeding it through the machine for the cuts.  I bought a 10 sheet package of Avery adhesive paper at Staples, which netted me a total of 60 labels for under $17.   VoilĂ ! Custom made labels. Aren't they cute?

Removing the old labels is pretty simple; you can usually remove them in just a couple of large pieces.  My daughter found a few online stores to choose from to purchase bulk tic-tacs (in all different colors if you want) a search and you will see the many ideas floating around out there, including some fun ideas for kids at holiday time.  Whatever the occasion, this project has very little out-of-pocket costs while making a gift with some fun WOW factor.

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