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Monday, February 3, 2014


Chalkboard art has gotten incredibly popular over the last couple of years.  I decided to tackle a couple of different projects; one for me and one for an upcoming styled shoot that kb digital designs and I are collaborating on in just a couple of weeks.

This sign I made for myself to put in my studio downstairs.  Isn't she cute?   The supplies are really simple. Just purchase a can of chalkboard paint....since it indicated a roller application was best, I bought a mini-roller and tray.  When it comes to what to paint, that's totally up to you.  I found this tray at Hobby Lobby in the clearance aisle; I knew I wanted a unique, with the chalkboard paint it was going to be just right.  But, keep in mind you can use anything, including old frames or backing boards (the inserts in old picture frames), even the glass from a picture frame will work!

I chose to use a combination of chalk and markers since this project is a permanent addition to my workspace. I found a font I just loved and some fillagrees; printed it using my computer and then did the old grammar school trick of shading the back of the paper with pencil and tracing over it; there's no way I felt comfortable free-handing this one, my handwriting is awful!   Then, I added some leaves and flower buds as I went along.    I loved the idea of using a doorknob for the hanger; I was able to find one at Hobby Lobby (50% off).  I don't have a separate door to my studio (well I do, but it's the basement door), so I created my own front door, minus the door.  On the tassels, I added two clip on earrings; keepsakes from my Mom's jewelry box. 

The chalkboard shown below  is being used for the upcoming styled shoot, so I had to leave it blank to keep you guessing.......we'll be able to share photos from the shoot closer to the end of February.  To start, I used an unfinished cabinet door. 
 I shared another project I made with a cupboard door a few weeks back.

This door cost me $6 and is made from a beautiful pine wood; nice and lightweight and knotty-just what this project called for.  

As you can see, I painted the inside with the chalkboard paint and then glued some jute around the edge.  For the wood itself I chose to apply a very subtle wax polish finish, maintaining the natural
pine color.

We'll be using plain old chalk to add the message to this chalkboard...and then we can just wipe it off and use it again and again.


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