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Sunday, May 4, 2014


It's finally starting to feel like summer around here.  So, what's better than a grilled steak, salad, a glass of peach sangria and dining on the back patio?
This recipe comes from Martha Stewart, although I did add one touch of my own.....


1 peach
1 nectarine
3 apricots
5 oz. peach brandy
1 bottle (750 ml) chilled Prosecco, (Italian sparkling wine)
1 cup peach nectar
Superfine sugar (optional)
1/4 cup Triple Sec (my touch)


In a pitcher, combine peach, nectarine, and apricots all pitted and cut into wedges.  Stir in brandy; let sit at least one hour.  Stir in prosecco, peach nectar and triple sec.  Add superfine sugar, if desired.  Serve chilled.

I learned what Prosecco was in my adventure to the liquor store.  I was also told unlike some other varieties of wine, the drier the Prosecco, the sweeter it is.  Good to know!  I decided to add the Triple Sec after I gave it a taste, since I thought it could use a hint of citrus.   Now maybe I could have done that with orange juice, or bits of oranges....but triple sec sounded a lot more fun!

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