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Thursday, July 31, 2014


When I first chose to use the mirror from our old bedroom set in my design area downstairs, my husband asked if I wanted it framed.   I told him I was fine without a frame....that was May of 2012.  I have recently exercised my prerogative as a woman to change my mind and told my husband that I had been looking for a frame for my mirror.'s been over two years; I think I did good!
Do you know how expensive large frames are?  It's absolutely crazy. Fortunately, my husband is very skilled when it comes to woodworking so he kindly offered to help build a 33 x 37 frame for me.   After a quick trip to Lowe's (I had done a pre-scouting trip) for the materials, he went to work.

He cut a base frame from wood and then glued the decorative moulding that I chose onto the base.  You'll see these cute little grooves/doughnuts he took the time to place into each of the four corners to help keep them secure and square....a new tool purchase he recently made.

As with any of his projects, there was minor cussing; this one was a result of the mirror not being square. Very disconcerting when the carpenter cuts his boards square.  None-the-less, he was able to put this baby together for me in just two days time!  That includes the painting.  I've found he's a much better spray painter than I am, so I gladly deferred to him on that as well.  I've asked him to coach me, since my full blast at close range technique has resulted in streaks and drips on just about every one of my projects.  Go figure!

I added (yes., I did this step after watching the pro) a light coat of silver glitter spray over the blue which looks really sweet....then finally, a clear top coat was added.  As you've seen through my posts, my room is filled with color so I thought the unique shade of blue would work just fine.

To hang the mirror, my husband consulted with his brother on options.  Shout out to Tom who came up with a truly creative solution to use carpet trim ( you know...the edging that covers the carpet when it transitions to another flooring).  One strip was screwed into the wall and the other into the back of the frame; the frame just slides into the groove on the wall.  Very clever!

Well....I'm thrilled!  I was looking for a substantial frame with character and that's just what I got! The frame truly adds so much to the overall look of the mirror....and what a great focal point for the room too!

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