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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


When I had a bride ask me to help her with this project, I was all in!   I mean it's not too often that you're asked to bling some Vans for the Bride and her Flower Girl!
I've had the pleasure of making this particular Bride's wedding veil (which I can share after her wedding) and was happy to help out on this follow-up request.  She knew she wanted the shoes covered with lace, it was up to me to make it happen.

I have a plastic tub of all sorts of fabric and lace remnants, so I was able to pull this off by just digging through my bin and then adding pearls, and rhinestones for some additional bling.

The Bride's gown is ivory, so that's the reason for her shoe color, versus the Flower Girl's dress, which is white.

For the laces, I added a matching satin ribbon for the Bride's shoes and lace hem tape for the Flower Girl.  Although, the Bride did mention she's probably going to use a yellow ribbon for the FG to match the color of her cute!
This was a nice change of pace for me...and fun too!  I know these gals are going to be comfortable, not to mention a couple of wedding day fashionistas!  Can't wait to see some pics!


  1. Are these available for purchase?

  2. So sorry. They're not available for purchase.

  3. Did you use a special fabric Glue or are they sewn on. We would like to do similar if you have any tips please.

  4. I just used a fabric glue. It just takes time, layering the lace where you want it and letting it dry before adding any additional embellishments. Good luck!