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Sunday, June 7, 2015


I love it when Bride's come to me with keepsakes that they would like me to work with to make something unique for their wedding day.  In this particular case, Megan came to me with her Mom's cathedral length veil and wanted me to use what I could from the veil to design a vintage birdcage veil for her.

As you can see, the veil had some large chantilly lace appliques that I knew I could for the tulle, well it was pretty crisp, so I just used a piece of tulle that I had on hand.   Megan described to me that she would like a large flower as the centerpiece and then we discussed whether to make the veil a single piece or two distinct pieces.  She opted for two pieces; that way she could remove the blusher after the ceremony and keep the flower in her hair for the reception.

 She also brought me a couple of pictures to help with the length.  In her case, she wanted it about chin length and she also wanted to use standard tulle versus Russian netting.   The initial meeting is so critical to my process, it helps me to fully understand what the Bride wants so I can meet her expectations.

The appliques on the top of her Mom's headpiece had some pearls attached, so I took advantage of those as well.  Once I had removed the pieces I needed/wanted, I began building a three dimensional lace flower.

I added some Russian netting under the flower and a vintage looking rhinestone brooch to the center of the flower.  For the veil itself, I used a couple pieces of applique to embellish the top of the comb.

Megan was so happy with the final look...and her Mom specifically thanked me at the wedding since it meant so much to her to have Megan wear something that was hers.  In this case, the "something old" had a very sentimental meaning for the both of them.

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