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Saturday, June 20, 2015


I loved being a part of this project, since it involved a dear friend and her daughter.  My friend Carolyn, like most Moms, had hoped that the daughter she would have someday would be able to wear something of hers on her wedding day, so she had her gown and veil heirloomed some thirty years ago and pulled it out of the box about four months after her daughter, Christina got engaged. I was able to witness Christina trying on the whole ensemble, which involved a long sleeve satin gown and a matching satin wedding hat.  It fit like a charm, but she looked like she was caught in a time warp, circa 1980!

Christina was partial to the beautiful lace inlay from her Mom's train.  She asked if I could incorporate it as the centerpiece for her cathedral length veil and also hoped that I could use the lace trim that was on the hem of the gown as the trim on the edge of the veil as well.

As it turned out,  the lace trim was pretty worn, plus I didn't have enough yardage for the type of veil she wanted.  Instead, I went to work scouting out a border trim and found a beautiful alencon lace that would match her gown.
I love this veil and I love this picture that Katie (kbdigitaldesigns) captured!

As you can see this is a very dramatic statement veil.  I knew that Christina could pull this off, she is long, lean and statuesque, just perfect for this look!  

The alencon lace border is almost nine inches wide at the highest point of the scallop and it has a waist length blusher (very Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton "esque").  It drapes beautifully when the blusher is down, as well as when it's back.  It's was a perfect compliment to her gown, which was a strapless alencon lace overlay. 

Once the inlay was on the veil, it seemed a little lost due to the width of the veil, so I used a couple of pieces of the beaded lace (from her Mom's sleeve) to create a framework at the top and bottom, to help draw the eye to the inlay.
Christina, you were stunning and completely rocked it!  I hope you felt as beautiful as you looked!
Thank you for giving me the honor of helping you bring your vision to life and trusting me enough to allow me the creative license to design a true original.

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