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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I loved this project!  Of course, I love flower girl dresses to begin with, but because this one was so very different than many that I've created it was especially fun.  This little boochkie (that's my own word) will only be 16 months old for the wedding so it was literally like making doll clothes.

The bride had found a couple of styles she liked which featured an embroidered organza fabric with a scalloped edge at the bottom.   The style was very simple;  raised yoke with the skirt of the dress gathered from that point.   It truly was the fabric that made this style so unique.   After searching for quite some time, I found the fabric online.   With fingers crossed, I placed the order.   I was hopeful it would be as beautiful in person as it was in the definitely was!
I started making the pattern one day and just couldn't stop!  I was so excited to see it come together that I just kept going and hours later it was cut out and partially sewn, and it was looking just like I'd imagined.

One of the really cool processes was "engineering" the fabric; meaning working with the design within the fabric to really highlight the embroidery.  The scalloped edge was obviously reserved for the bottom of the dress, but the proper placement of the yoke and sleeves allowed me to accent some of the other elements. So fun!

I added an extra layer of a venice lace to the lining to create a second tier of flowers and cut out some of those very same flowers to use on the yoke as well.

And of course, who can resist a matching headband?  I'm so excited to see pictures of little Miss Clementine in the dress!  I'll upload those to my website when I get them.

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