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Thursday, September 1, 2016


I've gifted my first Christmas present.  I know, it's really early, but I was too impatient to wait another three months.
Last month, my husband and I crafted a bedframe for our daughter out of old doors.  It turned out great, and despite having also distressed an old curio table, it felt to me the bedroom needed a nightstand.  The bed itself is so solid that the little table was dwarfed in comparison.  So, I took a trip to the local thrift stores in the area and found a great bargain and the perfect piece at the second shop I went to.   

This is what it looked like when I purchased it. The drawers were completely functional, it was a bit dinged up here and there, but that isn't even a concern when distressing.   All in all, it was in great shape!   I had all the leftover paint supplies from the bed project, so all I needed to do was work on the pulls.  

While I originally thought I might find some new pulls, as I looked around, I stumbled on an idea to just paint them a silver color and then wrap the wood area with a black twine.  So that's what I ended up doing.     I lined each of the drawers with drawer liner since they were a bit worn looking, and made a lavender sachet for the top drawer.   I have to say--the bedroom looks great!  The size of the nightstand was absolutely perfect and the little curio table is now just a decorative piece.   Oh and the best thing.....our daughter loves it!

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