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Saturday, February 10, 2018


We've officially been in our new house for a little over two years now...and many of you know firsthand how extensive the list of projects can be when you're trying to make your house a home.   So, we prioritized the projects and have been tackling one big one each year (and lots of little things ever since we moved in).  The first year was finishing the basement; that was actually beyond big, it was monumental.  The second year was hardwood flooring (we called in the pros for that one).  This year, we started with a laundry room makeover.
The original design of the laundry room included a shelf over the washer/dryer.  I used those fabric cubes for storing some goodies; I had a total of four of them in a tan color equally spaced across the shelf....then, do you see that old microwave cart underneath the countertop? that was the "catch all" for detergent, dryer sheets, etc.  You can also see we're Costco folk, especially when it comes to TP, paper towel and kleenex.  So the industrial size versions of each of those were tucked under the counter top as well.  It literally drove me nuts (I'm really swallowing my pride here by showing you all'd never know from this picture that I'm a very organized person).
I'm so excited.....look under the countertop.  Nothing! All that stuff is now either in the brand new cabinets, or underneath the other side of the countertop where they're out of sight.  In case you're wondering about the positioning of the hamper.....I have it there because one of the coolest features of the laundry room is the "pass through" window from our master bedroom.  You can actually pitch your dirty clothes into the hamper when standing in the master bedroom closet!  We love that feature!  
I found those beautiful hickory cabinets at Lowe's (online).   We bought two; they each measure 30x24.  My husband also added a metal pole from the end of the cabinet to the wall.  I used to have to hang "to be ironed" items right from the shelf.                                                             
                                                                                                                        I love how it looks (as much as anyone can love a laundry room, right?).  I really can only take credit for finding the cabinets,  cabinet knobs and the final clean up husband did all the heavy lifting on this project.  

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