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Sunday, February 4, 2018


I have to say, I love the variety of projects that I get to work on....from sewing, to crafts, to cooking, to upholstery....well, you get the idea.  It feeds my creative soul!

This project was a treat since I don't do them very often.  An dress for an infant...whoop, whoop.  So fun!  A close friend of the family (and bestie to my daughter) asked if I would make a dress for her daughter, Maddie.  I had made some hairbows when Maddie was firstborn and Mama, Kim wanted me to make a dress to match.  As it turned out, I had bought enough gold polka dot knit to make her a matching dress. 
Look at this little cutie patootie!  This is Maddie's 8 month picture.  Kim is having professional photos done each month through her first year of life (she did the same thing with her son as well).  It's so fun, to watch them grow and change!

I decided I wanted to spice up the dress a bit, so I scoured the etsy shops trying to find a pre-made lace collar.....I ordered one (with fingers crossed) hoping the size was going to work as I had planned.  I'm happy to say, this one worked just perfectly.  It's a cotton lace which is a great match to the cotton knit fabric.

I also had some fun flower appliques from a 3D fabric that I used for a bridal cape and stole three of them for the final touch. They matched perfectly and almost look as if the collar was made that way. 

I forgot how quickly infant wear comes together.  The seams are so small!  In case you're wondering, there are four buttons at the center back of the bodice which allows Maddie to get in and out of the dress. 

Don't you love these pictures!!  The one on the right is absolutely adorable.  I understand Maddie is quite the wiggle worm right now, so the pictures Kim posted on facebook are comical since she's moving in just about every one of them! 
Maddie's photos by:  KB Digital Designs

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