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Saturday, May 4, 2019


Drink coasters have been one of my "go to" housewarming gifts for several new homeowners.   This time, I tried a new design using song lyrics as the theme.  I thought this individual would appreciate the song theme due to his love of music.  How did I choose the songs....well, who doesn't love a classic Lennon and McCartney song?
The process is a transfer process.  Which involves creating the image you want to use, then you need to flip the image.  That is then transferred to a standard tile.

I worked in my Silhouette software, but I've also done this in Microsoft word.  In this case, I captured the lyrics I wanted to use.  I broke the words apart, used different fonts, then I flipped the image so the words were the mirror image when I printed them.
When printing you want to use a laser printer.  For me, the easiest thing to do is go to Staples and use their laser printers.  If you use your standard inkjet printer at home, the image will smear or bleed. 
You need two  products for this project.  First, is Liquitex professional matte gel.  It is the key ingredient to transfer the image onto the tile.  Mod Podge is used afterwards to seal the image onto the tile and create a nice finish.  I will tell you that I've attempted to use Mod Podge for both steps, but I've found the Liquitex so superior to Mod Podge that I would definitely invest in it.
There are several good videos out there that step you through the process, so I'll let you view those.  I will tell you in advance that it takes 24 hours for the transfer to occur properly, plus after you remove the paper, you'll need to allow them to dry properly before you apply the Mod Podge.  I used two coats of Mod Podge and allowed 24 hours drying between each coat.  With that said, you need to give yourself a good 3-4 days for this project.  Additionally, the one video I watched suggested that for the Mod Podge to be fully cured it takes 28 days before it is dishwasher safe or heat resistant.  I don't know if that is a true, but it is something you may want to consider and budget your time accordingly.

The final step I took was to put cork on the back of the tiles to provide protectors for table tops.  You could certainly put a whole sheet of cork, or use felt.  Whatever you choose, this is a nice finishing step.

I found my tiles at Home Depot.  They usually have several types available that can be purchased individually.    Be sure to rinse your tiles in clear water to remove any dust or residue and let them thoroughly dry before you begin the transfer process.

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