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Thursday, May 17, 2012


As a professional photographer, my daughter offers all types of services, from weddings to engagements to families to boudoir.  Recently, she came home from a family photo shoot and was sharing the challenges of getting all the kids to focus on the camera at the same time.   Add that conversation to something I recently saw in my intranet travels and I was inspired to help out with some fun lens covers to keep the little ones' attention.

I let my imagination be the guide.  There are two key pieces to this; the background/face area which is made of firm felt and the area that slides over the lens itself.  For that, I used rib knit; the material you would use for the waistband/cuffs for a sweatshirt or maybe a jacket.   That allows the cover to slide over the lens, yet firmly hold it in place.  From there,  I used pipe cleaners, plastic eyes, ribbon, and whatever else I thought might be eye catching and fun.

I was having so much fun with this project, I just kept going and made three different varieties for her.  When I put (yellow) the first one on the camera and showed it to my husband, I got a spontaneous smile from him.  You need to understand how momentous that is - it is extremely RARE to get him to smile in pictures.  I thought, well if it got him to smile, it will surely work on some kids!

I'm happy to report she used them on a recent family shoot which included four kids; the oldest being five and they definitely helped her out.    She captured some awesome expressions and it made her job a whole lot easier. 

That makes it all worthwhile for me.

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