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Monday, May 14, 2012


The last week was really crazed with preparations for my daughter's graduation party.  With family coming to town and a luncheon planned for after the graduation ceremony on Saturday I had lots of cooking, baking and cleaning to conquer.....and, when I say cleaning, I mean the DEEP cleaning type like windows inside and out, ceiling fans, screen doors and the tops of the kitchen cupboards. WHEW!!!

While I had intentions of getting pictures of the buffet tables, we were short on time after the "rain delay" of the ceremony and we had guests arriving while we were placing everything on the tables.  The cool/damp weather forced us indoors, but the family and friends who arrived to celebrate brought us plenty of "sunshine".  It was a great celebration.

Here are a few things I pulled together for the party which I was able to capture the next day.

 I love mason jars....for both of these I used burlap and just had fun adding some lace, buttons, silk flowers and old clip on earrings from my Mom's jewelry box; add a spray of baby's breath and you have some great table decorations!


The cake pops were a huge hit......I had just a couple leftover from the thirty something that I made.  They looked cute arranged in the metal containers.  I made some chocolate and butter pecan cake flavors and topped it with white and chocolate mint melts.  Yummy!!!!!

To me, the trick to great cake pops is to make sure you add the right amount of frosting to the cake; make them moist, but not too gooey.

I use 1/2 of a baked sheet cake to 1/4 of a container of pre-made cream cheese frosting.

Then have fun decorating...I had some other varieties like chocolate with white swirls and white with red sprinkles.  JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby both have great choices for sprinkles and melts in their baking sections.

I decided to make some menu item cards for the tables so the guests didn't have to "guess" what some of the goodies were.  I used card stock and a fun font; then used my pinking shears to cut the cards and added some fun paint designs.

I am so proud of my daughter.   She received her Associate's of Applied Science Degree in Professional Photography.  Her business is building strong and her talents are absolutely endless!!  Check out her work at:

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