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Monday, May 7, 2012


I've always wanted to try this, so I chose to use a plain mirror that will be hung in my sewing area (just in case this project didn't go quite as I had hoped).

I'll be happy to show you the results and share what I learned in case you want to attempt this in the future.  It was challenging to get a good picture since the overhead lights created glare and without lights it was a bit, I knew you didn't want to see my mug in the picture, so here is the end result.  Hopefully, you get the gist of the finished product.

As far as supplies are concerned, it doesn't require a whole lot:

  • etching armor (Hobby Lobby)
  • sponge brushes
  • stencil
  • water, sponge and rubber gloves
Now maybe one of the reasons I put this off as long as I did is if you read the label on the "Armor Etch" goop, it would all but suggest you have your will in order and notify your next of kin prior to beginning your project.   It reads:  wear long sleeves, rubber gloves, don't inhale, ensure adequate ventilation, wear eye protection, what to do if you get the solution in your eye, etc., etc.  Wow!!  Really?  Setting aside my trepidation, I forged ahead.  Call me Captain Fearless!

Here's what I learned:
  1.  The consistency of the product is like a thick paint versus a paste.  I was able to apply it easily enough with a sponge brush.
  2.  Since I purchased a standard stencil that you would use for other types of stenciling projects, I did get a bit of seepage and the fine lines such as stems were difficult to achieve.
  3. If I were to etch a glass or candle holder for example, I would definitely look to see if they have any etching stencils that might work.  The etching stencils can be adhered to the surface since they have a self adhesive backing; this would definitely help to prevent any seepage.

All-in-all, I'm okay with the end added the little bit of interest I wanted on the mirror.  It's not perfect, but I definitely learned a lot and would try it again..... After all, my will is in order   :)

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