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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I had reached my tolerance level. I needed to get organized. My sewing and crafting supplies were a mess and I needed to do something about it. I did some research on what other ladies have done to get themselves organized and used some of their ideas....then, I came up with some of my own. I'm getting there......
So, I bought two drawer organizers at Walmart for next to nothing and then went to town on my spools of thread;wrapping up the loose end.  I tried the tape trick, but didn't like it.  So, I thought of a rubberband.    I found these small ones in the hair section; they're for braids!  They worked like a charm in holding the tail in place.

Next up, spools of ribbon.....I can't take any credit for this; I found this in my research and loved the I already had this type of hangar in my closet.                  I found ribbon I didn't even remember that I had!  
My loose trims were in a bin, but again no rhyme or reason.  So, I bought this tray with slots in the sides.  I cut some foam core board that I had leftover from a project and wrapped the trims around the board.  I then placed the corners into the slots and they stand up nicely!  
                                                                                                                                                                      My gift boxes, wrapping papers,and gift bags had really gotten sloppy over the years, so they all got stacked into a box and placed on the floor of the closet.  I used clothespins to hold the loose ends of the wrapping paper to the core, and also used clothespins to attach the lid/bottom of a box set together and flattened them (I had originally kept the boxes assembled and nested one inside the other, like my Mom used to do but found they took up too much room- sorry Mom).

strawberry carton to hold flowers

All of the other bin drawers got a makeover....hem tape, seam binding, and assorted trims.  My paint and stencil drawer.  I really liked one piece of advice that I read and it was in regards to looking at things you toss away for recycling or trash differently; case in point, I used a strawberry carton to store my assorted flowers.  It keeps them from getting crushed and they're together in one compact space.
I even took care of my remnants....again, these were in a drawer, but I couldn't see what I I actually measured them all out and made a template on the computer so I could tag the fabric (indicating the fabric width and total yardage).  Anything over one yard was bundled, labeled and wrapped with rafia.  Now I know what I have!  The smaller pieces were all neatly folded and stacked; small stacks were tied with rafia and then they went into a box.

I still have work to do in my main closet; I know I want to put a peg board up to hold the large spools of thread for my serger. I can also see hanging my zippers (similar lengths together) by the zipper pull versus how I have them rubber banded together and in a drawer; that will free up that drawer space for other goodies!  It's a process....I know you feel my pain.  But, I know in the end I'm going to be happy that I took the time to get organized.

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