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Friday, April 12, 2013


I have memories dating back to my childhood of a small thread cabinet which was in my Mom's sewing room. She did quite a bit of sewing when I was younger; we had some Mother/Daughter outfits that I can remember--totally cool.  At some point in time she did less and less sewing and in her retirement years she took up quilting.  Anyway, this cabinet has been a part of my sewing area for years now, but it wasn't getting any use at all; I had it tucked away, collecting dust....but I was also too sentimental to part with it.   So, in all my recent organizing I decided I could put it to good use. Once I spiffed it up of course!



One of the hinges was missing the pin.  That was an easy fix...a trip to Home Depot for some new hinges and I was good to go.  I also needed a dowel so I could cut some new spool holders for the five that were missing and then I Knew I wanted to add some character to the drawer pulls.    These pulls are so tiny, that I found some items at Hobby Lobby that I could glue on which would make them look like antique pearl pulls.   I decided to use the pale blue paint and distress it to match my distressed cabinet.   I used the same technique as I did with the cabinet; sanding, painting and then sanding to rough it up.
I added some decals  to the top and front to give it a little panache.   I plan to put small spools of thread and bobbins on the dowels and I think it's a perfect place for my variety of sewing needles, different sizes of sewing machine needles, snaps, hook/eyes, etc.  The finishing touch was the pearl chain for the doors; it took me awhile wandering around Hobby Lobby for just the right touch and I found this in the fabric section with all the other trims; plus I hit a 50% off sale...what more could you ask for?

I tied the end of the chain around the left door with embroidery floss and made a ribbon loop at the other end of the chain; so I just slip the loop off the right door pull when I need to open the doors.   Easy Shmeasy!  I'm really pleased with the end result....little by little my "studio" is coming together.  Interesting tidbit for you.....I found a spool of thread in the cabinet with a price tag still attached...are you ready?  It was 50 cents.  Are you kidding me?  A run of the mill spool of thread costs $2.99 these days.  If you want a better quality thread, I've spent close to $5.00 a spool.  Crazy!

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