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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This project bubbled up due to tax season.  My daughter and son-in-law chose to use the gal we've been using for years to prepare our taxes.  She does such a great job!  Anyway, she returns the forms in a nice pocket folder.  My daughter commented that she didn't have a file cabinet or large drawers in her desk to keep them, so I told her I had an old metal file box that I could clean up for her.  It was the perfect size for the folder,  it can hold several years worth, and it can easily slide onto the floor of a closet or be placed on a shelf. 



There aren't too many supplies needed.  Decorative paper, Mod Podge, Washi Tape and a bit of jute.
I first learned about washi tape about two weeks ago, and I'm hooked.  It comes in every conceivable color and pattern and it's really easy to use.
It was just what this project needed for the edges.  This particular box has a cool feature, the front door pulls out and expands to let you easily get your forms out of it.  But, with that it made for some extra raw edges; the tape helped correct my imperfections with the exacto knife. 

Whenever I cover something like this with ModPodge, I first lay down a good coat to hold the paper down; just like Elmer's glue.   Once all my paper is secure and I've pressed out as many of the bubbles/creases that crop up as it dries, I then go over the entire thing with Mod Podge.   Add as many coats as you want; I used two coats on this one.  The first one before I edged the corners with the tape; the second after (yep, I went right over the tape).
As you saw from the pictures, this guy had seen better days, a bit of rust and a couple of dents....but with a bit of creativity, it has new life!

To personalize it, I added their name, using a fun font printed on  a decorative sheet of paper; then I glued some jute around the border with the trusty hot glue gun. 

Not too shabby.

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