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Friday, August 30, 2013


I decided it was time to make another cathedral length veil; the last time I made one was in the '80's.  I made the veil along with the bridal gown, bridesmaid dress and the three little flower girl dresses.  It was a real treat to make the entire wedding party for sure.  I just learned that one of the flower girls was a bride herself this how time flies!

Anyway, here is the finished product.  It is made with white illusion and has two different types of laces.
I know....have you ever seen a veil look so sexy??!!  The scalloped lace is a venice lace which goes all the way around the edge of the veil.  The appliques are alencon lace; I added some pearls and sequins after I had sewn the appliques into place to give it a little sparkle.  The sequins will catch the sunlight or reception lighting and shimmer.   Finally, I added some horsehair braid to the bottom edge and sewed a strand of pearls over the top which created a light flounce.  

I took a course on lace when I was in college; can you imagine an entire semester of lace?  It became a bit of a snoozer of a class, but I learned to appreciate the hours of labor and years of tradition that go into laces from various regions around the globe.

A cathedral veil looks so regal paired with the right gown. I hope to find a bride in need of this very one for her special day!  A cathedral veil can also be bustled the same way the hemline of a gown is bustled, that way if the bride wants to, she can wear her veil all night long.   Visit the SheaMarie Designs shop

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