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Thursday, August 1, 2013


I got a kick out of this project.  My daughter's birthday was approaching and I was asking her about gift ideas.  She mentioned that she likes the longer dresses that are in style these days.  She currently has two, but would love more.  So, I was putting away some receipts in my office (which was at one time her old bedroom) and in the closet I saw a dress hanging there that she had left behind when she moved out.    I always thought the dress looked cute on her back then, size wise she hasn't changed at fact, she's more fit and trim then she was then....and the style wasn't dated.  So, I thought how fun would it be to turn this into a long dress and surprise her with it for her birthday?!
   BEFORE                                                                  AFTER 

The dress itself is a jersey knit, so I picked up a white knit fabric for the first layer and a see-through weave for the bottom layer.  A couple types of ribbon; black and white polka dot and a matching green for the bow, with the final touch being a rhinestone button.  Total cost under $15.
The original dress was a halter style tie; I chose to criss-cross the straps and sew them into place.      Yesterday was her birthday.  It was so fun to give her the package with this dress in it and watch her expression.  It was comical actually, she had a delayed reaction thinking it looked like something else she once had....then she realized it's the same dress, only updated.   She loved it!  Now maybe she'll wear this when she goes to the spa to get her facial (that was her other birthday present).

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