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Sunday, August 10, 2014


This was an extra fun project.  Considering this was my first attempt at this type of craft, I was pleased with the final product.  One of my September Brides that I created a cathedral veil for wanted something for her hair after the ceremony.  She planned to take off the veil after the ceremony, but wanted a little something for the rest of the evening.  We talked about some type of flower.  I've made a number of fabric flowers in the past, but those I had made before just didn't trip my trigger for a bridal comb.  This new one on the other hand, was super cool and is very delicate and unique; it's supposed to resemble a peony.
You can find a number of tutorials on this online, so I won't take you through the steps.  I will tell you though you will need:
  • 100% polyester fabric
  • tea light or other flame source 
  • needle/thread
  • small pre-made flower (bridal section of Hobby Lobby)
  • glue gun
  • creativity
The size of the peony will dictate how large to cut your squares.  I used approximately 3" squares for this one and then rounded the edges (I did find another tutorial that started with more "petal" shape edges to begin with....I'm going to try that one next).  Don't sweat the circles being perfect....remember, you are going to melt the edges, so imperfection is A-okay. 

Again, the number of circles is totally subjective as well.    I used a combination of three different fabrics; an ivory satin, a diamond white crinkle satin and an ivory organza.  I chose the two different fabric colors since the bride's dress is a diamond white lace overlay with an ivory silk cumberbund/sash.  This beautiful bride has a lot of hair and plans to wear it part up/part it can definitely support a larger flower. 

After I had made the petals, I used a pre-made fabric flower that I found at Hobby Lobby for the center. To me, it added just the right focal point to finish off the look.  I sewed through all of the layers, (with the exception of the center flower) with the sewing machine.

I chose to embellish it with several different goodies; Russian netting, ostrich feathers, a couple of pieces of the lace from her gown (I hemmed the gown and had to cut off a significant amount), pearls and rhinestones.

I covered a plastic comb with tulle and then added a few pearls to the outer edges, then I glued everything to the comb with the glue gun.  
Because, I so liked the way it turned out, I made two others........

I started incorporating some beading, crystals and pearls.....ooooh, I have all sorts of design concepts rolling around in my brain for more!!
In this one in addition to the peony, I added some rolled roses.

I can see these for flower girls as well! Incorporating the color palette from the wedding into their headpiece. would be soooo pretty!!

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