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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Last year around this time I shared some photo coasters that I made using simple bathroom tiles, Mod Podge and photos that I'd taken.  I totally loved the way they turned out and have heard from the person that I gifted them to, that her family absolutely loves them.  In fact, her three kids "fight over" which one they're going to use.  They're from the Midwest and really enjoy the various pictures of Colorado scenery I put on them.   Sounds like I need to make them some more! :)
Anyway, I decided to try the same methodology using birch rounds as my base.   I had scavenged a grove of birch trees that had been felled in preparation for a residential building site.  It was perfect, there were all sorts of different lengths and diameters that I've used for decorating around the house.

I asked my husband to cut 1/2" widths from one of the pieces, since it was the perfect diameter for coasters.  He ended up getting five slices from that piece.   From there, I went to work prepping the slices by applying two coats of Mod Podge to the bare wood, drying thoroughly between each coat.  I wanted a good base sealant for the wood.

Then I followed the same steps to attach the picture and coat it with Mod Podge as I did when I made the tile coasters last year; one coat to adhere the photo to the wood and two coats right on top of the photos.

Finally, a spray of clear coat for additional protection and some cork circles for the bottoms and voila', a beautiful set of rustic coasters!

This specific set is for a housewarming gift for a young I thought the wood version would be a bit more masculine and appropriate for his new digs.

So cool!  If I didn't already own plenty of coasters, I'd make a set for myself.

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