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Friday, October 3, 2014


I am so excited to share the "Shea" tote with you!  This Shea Marie original is now available at my shop on Etsy.    This little baby is the very first one off the "production line" (the production line, by-the-way is made up of me, myself and I)

I wanted to design a tote that was different from the standard canvas totes out there. Something with a unique silhouette and totally feminine.   I wanted it to have body and be a reasonable size.

I originally came up with the idea as an item that could be gifted from a bride to her bridesmaids.  I've heard from many brides who have struggled to find the right gift and/or found something, but it doesn't fit the budget.  So, I wanted to offer something at a reasonable price point, that is also totally functional and can be used again and again.

It's made of sturdy canvas which gives it body and because of the squared off corners on the bottom of the bag, it can also stand upright on its own.

When I was developing the pattern, it took me two attempts to get just the right size in both height and width; but once I got it I was stoked!  In fact, I'm keeping the prototype for myself!....and I'm already planning to gift one to a certain somebody this holiday season.

In fact, I took a walk-about in my local dollar store and for just  $6, I added several quality goodies and created a "pamper yourself" tote.   There's a bath scrub, bath gel, scented lotion, a vanilla scented candle, a small bottle of wine and several Russel Stover chocolates.  Maybe that got your wheels turning for other interesting themes you could put together......
You'd be amazed at how much it can hold!

I hope to have additional colors available in the future....but I'm really picky about fabrics and in my scouting today, I came up empty.

Maybe some bright colors for spring!

Please stop by the SheaMarieDesigns Ltd. shop for more details on the dimensions and while you're there, maybe place an order....I won't tell if it's for'll be our little secret.

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