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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


This truly is a dream come true!  I have always wanted a full length mirror in my studio.  I just never liked the prices that went along with them.  But, serendipity stepped in, and made my dream a's how everything fell into place.

In our new home, the master bathroom mirror had a scratch on my side of the mirror, just about eye level.  It was only about an inch long, but totally annoying and something that could not be repaired. Thanks to the warranty process of buying a new home, the only thing they could do was replace it. This is a 6' mirror!  During the time we were waiting for it to be replaced, I thought how awesome it would be to frame it and use it in my studio.  There's no way you would even notice the scratch and it would be invaluable for my clients.   I wondered if they would allow us to keep it, or if I could buy it from them....Heck, with a DIY frame I might have the mirror I've always wanted at a price that I was willing to pay!  Ssssooo, when the guys came to replace it, we posed the question if we could keep it, and the answer was yes!  Woo Hoo!!!!
My husband did the majority of the work on this one (thanks babe).  I gave him the design, picked out the paint and then "antiqued" it a bit once the frame was finished.  But the woodworking, was all him.

The project began with some 2' x 6' lumber and three pieces of moulding for the accent piece. My husband used his router on the inside edge to create a nice finished edge next to the mirror; the moulding was glued and nailed to the outside edge of the boards.

After it was all together it was spray painted with Rust-Oleum champagne mist; a subtle gold color. To create the antique appearance, I used a variety of craft paints, and stencil paints I already had and went over it using the stencil brush and towels to blend the brown/black into the wood.

I am so happy with it!  Total cost was approximately $130!  That's lumber, paint and hardware.  That's a steal for a mirror of this size.

That's the last major project that needed to be completed to call my studio finished!  Oh, I have some other accent projects in mind, but truly I now have everything I've always wanted/needed. What a lucky lady I am!

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