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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The neighborhood in which we purchased our new home has (buff color aluminum) five foot fences separating the property lines, and enclosing the backyards of each of our houses.   From a curb appeal standpoint our new fence is nice, providing more of a wide open spaces kind of feel than our previous neighborhood which had the standard eight foot high wood fence.

What I didn't realize is a five foot fence doesn't give you as much privacy from your neighbor, and I've found that I miss my privacy while I'm sitting outside on our porch.  Specifically on the north side of the patio.  The backyard is deep enough from our neighbor to the back and the south side has the patio door that opens into the dining area, so the north side is the only side that gives me that "fishbowl" feel.   So, I decided to make some curtains that I can pull closed when I'm outside reading, or when we're chatting out back.
My little private space is starting to take shape.  The curtains are up, I found a nice jute rug....I plan to get a couple of rattan chairs with cushions to put in this area and move the table and chairs out just a smidge.

As for the curtains, I found a nice striped outdoor fabric that complimented the green paint of the house and the new rug pulls in the neutral stripes.  Making them was really simple, and I love that you can now purchase the large grommets for the header that you find on so many off-the-rack curtains these days.

Each package contained eight grommets, so I needed two packets.  The instructions were very well done and included a template to make life really easy.

I chose to make two panels with tie backs.  I thought it would look nice having two separate panels tied back when they're not in use versus one, but that was the only reason I went with two versus one large panel.

I weighted the hem with curtain weights, since I knew it would be helpful with the breezes that we get.  However, I already can see I need to think through another solution.  I found the very day I put them up we had a decent breeze and the curtains danced their way across the top of the rod and actually opened up completely all on their own.  So, I'm thinking through a way to secure them on either side to keep that from happening.

I know I'm going to really enjoy this area now!  And, it will break down easily when we have to winterize.  Roll up the carpet, hang the curtains on a hanger and store the rod until the next season.

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