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Saturday, July 14, 2018


This is the second dress I've made for my good friend Daneen.   I love this gown, it is so elegant and it looks fabulous on her (unfortunately, dopey me forgot to pick up the camera and get some pictures of her in it at the last fitting). 
This is the last picture I took.....before I added the panties, the back straps and the horsehair trim in the hem.  Once I put the "panties" into the dress, I can no longer get it on my dress form to take more pictures.
This is the beginning process...just after I finished the pattern work. In this case, Daneen only had so much of the black/white fabric and we were worried that we'd have enough.  But, I was able to puzzle piece the pattern pieces in a way, that the yardage she had was just enough!

As far as the pattern work was concerned, I used the skirt from the first gown I made her and just had to modify the bodice.  This gown is a jewel neckline with a deep scoop back and a beautiful cowl drape.   Whenever I work on one of these gowns, I have to keep in mind not just the design elements, but the technical aspects of the gown as well.  While we want it to look beautiful, we also need to ensure the logistical components.  For instance, the drape has to be tacked in places to keep it from flying too much and eliminating any possibility of her partner's hands getting caught up in it.

I drew some lines on the picture to the right so you could see where we placed the back straps.  Daneen has a beautiful sculpted back, so this open back design really showcases it perfectly. 

After I finish my work, Daneen adds all the bling to the gown.  It's quite a process gluing on all the rhinestones and beads, but it looks so gorgeous when it's finished...and is quite a sight on the dance floor!

I'll have to add a few more pictures to this post once it's beaded and ready for her fall competition.

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