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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Ever since seeing some pictures of vintage windows used as home decor, I knew I wanted to try my hand at it.  As it turns out, the perfect opportunity arose when my daughter was interested in one for her new guest room.

I purchased my window from Uncle Benny's in Loveland, Colorado.  It's a great resource for old and new building supplies at very reasonable prices.  They charge $5 per pane for old windows.  I chose to purchase a single pane window and made my own panes; not necessarily for the cost savings, but I didn't see any windows in the size that I was looking for with four panes.
I really didn't do much to the window itself other than hose it down and clean it up just a bit.  I chose not to do any additional sanding since 1) I figured it was lead based paint, and 2) I truly thought it already had all the character it needed.

So, I went to my local big box hardware store and bought a four foot piece of ½" moulding and painted it brown, followed by a top coat of white.  I left sections of the brown showing through in places and scuffed it up in other places to give it that weathered look.

With a little help from my husband, the moulding was cut to the proper dimensions and I hot glued the (3) pieces to the window itself.   I have to say, I'm tickled with the way it looks; I think it's a fine imitation of a four paned window.

To add some additional character, I found a couple of antique brass hooks at Hobby Lobby and placed one on either side of the frame.   As you can see, we hung a straw fedora from one of the hooks, along with some silk hydrangeas (to match the color scheme of the room) and greenery and it's a cute little wall hanging which is displayed on the wall just as you enter the guest room.  So cute!

My husband thinks the window may be pushing 100 years old due to the way it's constructed..oh, if this window could talk!  Can you imagine the stories it could tell?

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