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Friday, July 27, 2018


While I can't take credit for the design (I found something like it on Pinterest), I'll take credit for the "find" and how absolutely adorable it looks in my daughter's powder room.
This as you can see, is made with an old pallet.  My husband gets the credit for the muscle.  He's the one that deconstructed the pallet, cut the boards to the length I wanted and cut the shelves.  There's something about when power tools are involved that he just prefers to do it himself.  Go figure.
I on the other hand, get the credit for the painting and the chotchkies  decorator items.

Once the pallet was dismantled and reassembled.  I lightly sanded it to remove some of the splintered edges, but I wanted to maintain as much of the distressed look as I could.   I even strategically placed the wider board on the outside since it still had actual bark on the edge which looks really cool.

Once that was done I painted the boards with white paint.  I added some water to create more of a white wash.  Then added light touches of blue and green (since those are her accent colors).  Her bathroom was just recently painted a light sage green, so it looks really pretty against it.

The best thing about this project?  The entire unit was constructed at no cost.  The pallet was retrieved from a building site.  The shelves were constructed with old boards we had in the garage, and the paint we already had as well!

I found the majority of the knick-knacks at Hobby Lobby on sale and/or clearance.  So with a little bit of labor (but, mostly love) and minimal cost, this pallet shelf makes for a sweet accent piece!                                                                 

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