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Saturday, November 27, 2021


 As a Christmas present for my daughter and her fiance', I created a "spa sign".  They had recently purchased a hot tub and wanted a place indoors to hang their towels.  She wanted a sign that would hang above the hooks themselves.  So,  I took the idea and ran with it.  

I did share some of my "design concept" with them to ensure I was on the right track, but after I got that approval, the color scheme and additional artwork were a surprise.  I ran several fonts by them, as well as several "names".  They chose the Martin Resort & Spa.

 There were several steps to accomplish the finished product, so I literally had to write down all the steps to make sure it turned out as I had planned.  

The picture to the right is how it all began.  The printout has the four prototypes on it.  I then started sketching the design on the printout and then listed the steps I needed to take.  

I also had some kraft paper that I cut into the finished size of the board and then started placing bits and pieces of the design, (that I printed from my Silhouette machine) to ensure the size of the wording was the right proportions.  

I failed miserably at taking pictures along the way, but here are the steps I (my husband is the expert sander and spray painter, so he just took my directions and painted as I needed) took:

1. Sand and prep the board
2.  Paint the back and sides of the board tan
3.  Print and cut all of the vinyl lettering from the Silhouette machine 
4.  Paint the board Espresso
5. Transfer the "Martin Resort & Spa" to the board
6.  Place the "soak", "relax" , and "unwind" onto the board leaving room to decoupage the palm leaves
7.  Paint the board tan
8.  Remove the "Martin Resort & Spa" lettering
9.  Tape off the top 2/3 of the board and paint the bottom 1/3 white
10.  Remove the vinyl lettering to reveal the tan (soak, relax, and unwind)
11.  Print the palm tree clip art and cut around most of the palm leaves
12.  Secure the palm tree cut outs to the board with Mod Podge (back side only) 
13.  Add additional colors of green paint to the palm leaves to enhance 
14.  Add a piece of gold washi tape over the dividing line of tan and white paint
15.  Mod Podge the entire board (matte) 

I just gifted it to them over the Thanksgiving holiday, and they loved it!  They had just purchased the hooks and will be able to get it up in the designated area and start using it now versus having to wait until Christmas.  As it turns out, the palm leaf theme is something they've already started incorporating in the hot tub area, so my final design fits in perfectly.  How's that for some telepathy?

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