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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Take some small mason jars, a potpourri of craft items and a little creativity and make yourself some luminaries..................................

 We will be using these on the deck area/bistro tables at our daughter's wedding reception.  I made a total of five unique luminaries, carrying the fall theme and beautiful sage green accent color throughout.   Those of you who have read previous posts will recognize the pine cones, moss (birch planter), heart entwined charms (votives), silver/gold accents (ornaments).  You are also seeing a preview of the paper/fall leaves that I used for the wedding invitations.    I also rummaged through all my sewing/craft bins and pulled out several other items. 

 So what did I purchase for this project?
  •   patterned vellum paper (two types)
  •  scrap book paper (one wedding variety)
  •  LED luminary lights
 When using vellum paper (far right and far left in the picture below) use Mod Podge on the glass and then once you've pressed the paper to the jar, generously spread Mod Podge on the paper itself.  Don't be afraid to use your fact, it helps to remove any air bubbles and provides a
smoother adhesion to the jar.

Take a doily and use spray adhesive to glue it to the jar.  Add some raffia ribbon at the neck of the jar and tie wheat and fall sprigs in place.


 This jar is a paper and Mod Podge wrapping.  I then hot glued moss and pine cones to the neck of the jar.  Wrap ribbon around some twigs; add an embellishment, like this charm (wedding aisle at JoAnn's) and glue it to the moss.

For this one, I used Mod Podge and dusted some fine glitter over the top of the glue.  I then cut a piece of the wedding paper (scrap book aisle of Hobby Lobby) and burned the edges with a lighter and glued it in place.  Add some raffia ribbon, gold cord and silk leaves for finishing touches.

................and more ideas with ribbon, lace and a brooch.........

Don't they look great illuminated?
  .....or throw some baby's breath or other delicate flowers in them with some water 
and use them as a vase. 

No wedding in your future?  That's okay....make some for yourself to enjoy this summer on your patio, or make one or two for a friend for a birthday or house warming gift. Once the ideas start flowing, there will be no stopping you!   Have fun creating your own.

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