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Friday, March 23, 2012


I am just now putting the finishing touches on our guest bedroom.   My re-decorating project included fresh paint on the walls (thank you dear), new curtains/rod, throw pillows, bed frame and some accent pieces.  I figure the overhaul cost approximately $200.  Not bad for a whole new look and a beautiful queen size bed (hand-me-down since we upgraded to a King) for our guests.

I wanted to add a little something to one of the walls and tie in the purple color theme into the piece.   The room also has black, white and deep green accent colors.  The frame below is what I ended up with.  
 I started by making several rolled flowers.  I used patterned ribbon for two of them and for the third, I used a solid orchid fabric that is a great match to the bedspread.

The next item I made was a chiffon flower.  I used three different fabrics to make the petals: a white chiffon with black embroidery, the orchid fabric (rolled flower) and some black chiffon.  You can find many good tutorials online for making both types of flowers, so I won't bore you with that.

The next step was to cover a frame (that was in a box in the basement).  I glued 3/4" ribbon to the perimeter of the frame.
I used spray adhesive and applied the orchid fabric to the cardboard frame backing.

Then I gathered up some twigs from the backyard and spray painted them black.

After playing around with the placement of the branches and flowers, I secured them into place with my glue gun.  Because I craft so much, I have a vase filled with leftover stems from previous projects, so the white and purple flowers you see are part of that collection.

It looks to me to have a bit an oriental flare (maybe because the branches and flower sprigs look similar to a cherry blossom tree); which ties in nicely to the three canvas prints and silk orchid plant that are a part of the decor.  It was fun putting it together....and again, the best part was I didn't purchase a single thing for this project!     Have any old frames that need a makeover?

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