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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Each of the tables for our daughter's wedding will include a centerpiece, three candles, pine cones and preserved fall leaves.  With that in mind, I wanted the table numbers to be easily seen by the guests, yet I felt what we had already created would be just the right mix.  So, I didn't want to complicate or add to the table top itself.   What to do....what to do.......

 Why not display them from the existing centerpieces?    This DIY was definitely an "ours" project, since my husband was a big help!

 Here is the finished project.  I'll step you through it below:

I purchased strips of balsa wood (approximately 1/16" wide) at Hobby Lobby and made a leaf pattern out of paper.  I chose balsa since I wanted something stronger than a paper, yet light enough to hang delicately from the centerpiece itself.

My husband used an exacto knife and cut out the leaves for me.  It was a delicate process, since too much pressure would split the wood as it was cut.

A couple of other tips he would offer, is to consider that the more intricate the leaf, the more cuts it obviously takes (his grip was definitely fatigued), so you may want to consider something a little less ambitious than my design, especially if there are a large number of tables.

 After they were cut, I mounted a a jewelry fastener to the back using my trusty glue gun.


I was tempted to leave them natural and just spray a bit of semi-gloss lacquer on them, since the natural wood was definitely appealing.  However, I wanted them to stand out a bit more when they were suspended from the centerpieces we had created.

I chose an off-white spray paint since the table
linens are off-white.  Once again, my husband
came through and took care of this step for me.

The final touches used to complete the project were all purchased at Hobby Lobby:
  • gold peel and stick numbers
  • gold glitter glue 
  • fine gold cord
 ....and that's all there is to it! 

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